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Full Version: Region Change Wii
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How to Region Change your Wii

The 'region' of a Wii is simply the language/html version of the System Menu. There are four official system menus - American, PAL, Japanese, and Korean. Changing your system menu to something such as Korean would render American (NTSC-U) discs from loading thru the disc channel. Keep that in mind before region changing the Wii. USB Loaders bypass this issue so ISO/WBFS users don't have this concern.

Have completed the Softmod Guide - HERE

It is absolutely critical that you have completed the exact Softmod Guide linked above. If you try this guide without following that exact guide, you WILL brick. You have been warned!!! If you try this guide after following some other softmod guide, you WILL brick. You have been warned!!!

Since you have completed my Softmod Guide, you will either be on system menu versions 4.1/4.2/4.3. If you are on 4.2/4.3, after this Guide, you will be downgraded to 4.1 (which is the best version of the Wii System Menu)

Let's begin..

You will need the Sofmod-WiiMod package. Add me on discord (vega8365).

Extract/unzip the download. There will be two items (apps folder and wads folder). Move those two items to a blank SD card.

SD card into Wii, boot Wii and launch HBC. Launch the Wiimod app.

-Use the D-Pad on your Wii remote to scroll down to Wad Manager.

-Press A on Wad Manager.

-Select the directory "System Menu-4.1X-vYYY" -press A

American Menu, X = U, YYY = 449
PAL Menu, X = E, YYY = 450
Japanese Menu, X = J, YYY = 448
Korean Menu, X = K, YYY = 454

-Press (1) to select 3 wads for installation - Press A to proceed.
-3 wads should install without error.
-Press any button to continue

Press the B button again and again until you are back to WiiMod's Main Menu.

NOTE: If by accident you exited back to HBC, do NOT exit out of HBC (you will brick), simply enter back into WiiMod.

You will now notice that the top title bar on the Wii Mod Main Menu will be red instead of blue. Also, the option Advanced Menu will be in red font.

Scroll down to Advanced Menu and press A. WiiMod will ask if you are sure you want to continue. Press A for Yes.

Two items will now be listed. Region Changer (in Red font), and Any Title Manager.
Click A on Region Changer.

A prompt about brick information will appear, simply press any button to continue.

You will see this message highlighted in red - "WARNING: AREA/SysMenu MISMATCH!"
This means you’re semi-bricked- which we are going to fix.

Navigate down to Preset and click left/right to select the proper region to match the system menu region you installed. Click on Load Preset. You will now see a message in green that says “You have unsaved settings you need to save

Now click Save Settings at the very bottom.

If done correctly, the Wiimod v3.2 text at the very top will now be highlighted in Blue.

Finally, click the Home button to exit to HBC. You should now be at the Homebrew Channel

Final Step

Don't Skip This!

Since you have followed the Softmod Guide before, you should know how to install Priiloader and enable certain System Menu Hacks. Whenever you region change the Wii, Priiloader gets uninstalled.

Re-install Priiloader and enable the System Menu Hacks that suit you. Refer back to the Softmod Guide for assistance if needed.