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Full Version: Various Elements Color Modifier [Spaghetti Noppers]
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Various Elements Color Modifier [Spaghetti Noppers]

04050E28 388000XX
04050E34 386000YY
04050E38 38C000ZZ
04050E44 386000WW

04050EC8 388000XX
04050ED4 386000YY
04050ED8 38C000ZZ
04050EE4 386000WW

04050DE8 388000XX
04050DF4 386000YY
04050DF8 38C000ZZ
04050E04 386000WW

04050F28 388000XX
04050F34 386000YY
04050F38 38C000ZZ
04050F44 386000WW

XX = Red Value
YY = Green Value
ZZ = Blue Value
WW = Alpha (Strength of Color)

Code created by: The Spaghetti Noppers Group