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Full Version: How to decrypt and recrypt NDEV Wads
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How to decrypt and recrypt NDEV Wads

NDEV wads are encrypted with the 'NDEV Common Key'. They cannot install on a retail Wii. However you can decrypt the Wad and then recrypt it with the standard Wii Common Key. Thus allowing you to install said wads on a retail Wii.

You will need a Windows computer as ShowMiiWads doesn't work in Wine or Mono.

1. You will need ShowMiiWads. Go
2. Download the version for your computer architecture. (x64 is for 64bit computers). NOTE to Linux Wine Emulation users: Download the 32bit version only!
3. Make a folder called ShowMiiWads and move the download file into that folder
4. Extract/unzip the download.
5. Use a hex editor to create a .bin file using the NDEV common key.
6. Name the .bin file to common-key.bin. Move the .bin file into the ShowMiiWads folder
7. Launch ShowMiiWads
8. Go to File, Open Folder, and select the folder of your NDEV wad.
9. ShowMiiWads will paste some information of the wad. If you see Chinese language in any of the information,
you are not using the NDEV common-key. Make sure you're using the correct key.
10. Select the wad to highlight it in blue, right click on it, and click Extract, To Folder and select a new empty folder
11. The NDEV file will be decrypted into a subdirectory of the new folder. The subdirectory name is the name of the wad you decrypted.
12. Right click on the highlighted file again, and click Remove All Folders. Close ShowMiiWads
13. Remove the NDEV common key from the ShowMiiWads working directory
14. Relaunch ShowMiiWads, click Tools, then click Create Common Key.
15. Do what the screen says, type 45e and click OK. A normal Wii Common Key is now created in the working directory.
16. Go to Tools, Pack Wad. Select the folder where your decrypted files were made at when you extracted the file on step 6.
17. A screen will appear allowing you to edit the name of the new wad before saving. You can also select a new folder to save the file to.
By default, the showmiiwads working directory is selected. Name the file as you please, click Save.
18. Close ShowMiiWads. Go to the new folder where your new encrypted wad is. It will be there.
19. Congratz, you just remade an NDEV file to be able to install on a normal Wii.