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Full Version: About Roles & Forum Rankings
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About Roles & Forum Rankings

NOTE: All roles (including Admin & Mods) are unable to view Invisible Users. This means everyone (except said User) can see that an Invisible User is logged in, but will not be able to know which User it is. Anybody can adjust their Visibility settings in the User CP. This was done to respect your Privacy.


Admin (Vega) [Image: waluigi.png]
Description: The administrator and founder of the forums.

Moderator (JoshuaMK) [Image: toad.png]
Description: Moderator #1

Moderator (Seeky) [Image: kingboo.png]
Description: Moderator #2

Special Members:

Star [Image: rosalina.png]
Description: Special role for Star

This has the exact same privileges of the Coder / Dev role below, but the user (Star) can change his role title to anything at any time.


Coder / Dev
Description: For Coders and Developers, so they can bypass the approval system in the Codes Forum.

Some privileges about Coder/Devs:
- User Title = Coder / Dev
- 30 post count limit per day
- Can undo poll votes
- Can do +2/-2 for reputation
- Daily reputation that can be given increased from 5 to 6

Registered Users (Image icon varies on post count)
Description: For all normal users.

Some notes about Registered Users:
- 20 post count limit per day
- Cannot change user name
- Cannot set custom role title

All notes except the 20 count limit also applies to the Coder/Dev role.

Banned Users (no image icon)
Description: Denied forum access.

Post Count Icons (icons apply to both Coder/Devs and Registered Users)

1280 - [Image: shock.png]

640 - [Image: bill.png]

320 - [Image: mkwstar.png]

160 - [Image: mega.png]

80 -  [Image: blue.png]

40 -  [Image: shroom.png]

20 -  [Image: red.png]

10 - [Image: green.png]

0 - [Image: nana.png]