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Full Version: Guide to "Victory Live Replay" for TT Video Recording
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1. Whatever character is used in the TT you plan on recording, be sure you have that character unlocked. Same goes with the vehicle and track.
2. Complete a TT on said track fast enough to unlock the expert staff ghost.
3. Edit your ISO to replace the expert staff ghost with the TT ghost you plan on recording. Guide to replace expert staff ghost -
4. Make a GCT file with the Live Replay Code. Link to Code -
5. Race against the Expert Staff Ghost (you will copy it moves), wait for at least a split second then pause.
6. Exit back to the course selection screen (don't go back to main menu).
7. Now instead of choosing to race the expert ghost, choose Solo Race.
8. Now the character will race with live replay code as if it was a Live TT.
9. Once the character finishes the race, it will make an actual Victory result/celebration along with the 3lap/flap times flashing in red because you beat the temporary PR that was set earlier to initially unlock the expert staff ghost from Step 3.
10. Congratz! Some notes....
- This obviously won't work if the recorded TT is slower than temp PR used to unlock expert staff ghost.
- Flap won't flash red if the temp PR had a better flap time.