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Full Version: Glow Code [Spaghetti Noppers]
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Glow Code [Spaghetti Noppers]

Some tracks show the glow effect better than others. Works really well on SNES Ghost Valley 2.

00237F2F 0000000W
04237F98 380000XX
04237FA4 380000YY
04237FAC 380000ZZ
04237FB4 38000000

002382B3 0000000W
0423831C 380000XX
04238328 380000YY
04238330 380000ZZ
04238338 38000000

002381D3 0000000W
0423823C 380000XX
04238248 380000YY
04238250 380000ZZ
04238258 38000000

00238627 0000000W
04238690 380000XX
0423869C 380000YY
042386A4 380000ZZ
042386AC 38000000

W = Strength of Glow
W Values:
0 = Weak
1 = Strong
2 = Extreme

XX = Red value
YY = Green value
ZZ = Blue value

Code created by: The Spaghetti Noppers Group