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Full Version: Fog Color Modifier [Spaghetti Noppers]
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Fog Color Modifier [Spaghetti Noppers]

Doesn't show effect on every track since some tracks don't contain fog. Works really well on DK's Snowboard Cross.

04226CE0 38C000XX
04226CE4 38A000YY
04226CEC 388000ZZ

04227064 38C000XX
04227068 38A000YY
04227070 388000ZZ

04226F84 38C000XX
04226F88 38A000YY
04226F90 388000ZZ

042273D8 38C000XX
042273DC 38A000YY
042273E4 388000ZZ

XX = Red value
YY = Green value
ZZ = Blue value

Code created by: The Spaghetti Noppers Group