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Full Version: How to Install HBC (BannerbombV2; for Menu 4.2)
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What is the Homebrew Channel/HBC?
The Homebrew Channel is a hack/exploit installed on your Wii as a Channel. It allows you to hack your games and/or console.

NOTE: You will need an SD card. View this thread HERE for SD card compatibility. For system menu 4.2, I recommend buying a standard Sandisk 4GB SDHC card. You can find them easily online anywhere and they are actually cheaper than the 2GB cards (due to low supply of 2GB cards)

1. You need BannerbombV2 - Add me on discord (vega8365).
2. Extract/unzip the file. There is now a BannerbombV2 folder.
3. Format SD card to FAT32 (quick format) to wipe it clean
4. Copy paste all the contents within that folder to your SD card
5. Insert SD into Wii, power on Wii
6. Click the SD-ICON at the Wii Main Menu
7. You will be prompted if you want to load Boot.dol/elf. Click Yes.
8. WiiMod will load, navigate down to Wad Manager and Press A
9. You will be notified that a Fake Sign Patch may be required. Just press any key to continue.
10. You will be prompted to select the Storage Device, it should already be on “Wii SD Slot”, if it’s not navigate left/right to find that option.
11. Press A to continue
12. Press 1 to mark all wads for installation
13. Press A to install the 2 wads
14. IOS58 and IOS61 will install
15. Press any button to continue
16. Press the Home button and exit to the System Menu
17. Put your SD card back into your computer
18. Right click on boot.dol and select Delete. You MUST delete this file.
19. Right click on hackmii and select Rename. Rename the file to boot.elf
20. Put the SD card back into your Wii
21. Click the SD-ICON at the Wii Main Menu
22. You will be prompted if you want to load Boot.dol/elf. Click Yes.
23. Hackmii Installer Loads
24. Scam warning appears. Once Press 1 appears, Press 1 on wiimote
25. Install the Homebrew Channel
26. Once HBC is installed, Exit back/continue to the menu where you were initially at after the Scam Warning. Click Exit.
27. Now you will be at a blank HBC. Power Off Wii. Format SD card again to FAT32 to wipe files. Congratz!