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Full Version: Soft Drift vs Corner Drift
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Soft Drift vs Corner Drift

If you've been in the TT community long enough, you have come across these two terms. These terms get misused quite frequently so I will explain the differences between the two.

There are multiple ways to charge a MT boost. It all depends on the variety of analog stick movements. These movements can dictate how fast a MT boost will charge. The analog stick track/channel on any controller has 8 corners. 2 for top/bottom, 2 for left/right, and the other 4 for pure diagonal direction. A corner drift is a drift with its MT being charged by the analog stick placed completely in one of the four corners during the entire process of the charge. The corner drift is commonly mistaken as soft drift because when a corner drift is being executed, the character will not drift in the most possible horizontal fashion thus displaying a type of 'soft' curvature to the drift.

The soft drift is a drift with its MT being charged by the analog stick never touching the perimeter wall of the analog stick track/channel. It doesn't matter which direction(s) the analog stick is pointing at as long as the perimeter wall is never contacted by the analog stick. Usually, this type of analog stick movement requires the 'soft/gentle' push/control of the stick, hence why it is called the 'soft drift'. If done correctly, MTs can be charged extremely fast. This method of MT charging is vastly difficult and basically requires natural talent/gift. Only one top tier TTer is known to use this MT charging method, and that person is Jascha.
I actually soft drift the same way Jascha does XD.
True. It's a common misconception that soft drifting charges miniturbos faster than normal. This is not true. All soft drifting does is let you charge miniturbos more efficiently