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Full Version: Guide to access Wiimmfi (ISO)
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NOTE: You need HBC installed before doing this guide. Tutorial to install HBC is HERE

NOTE: You need a Wii with a softmod that's capable of running ISO's/WBFS's. My complete Softmod Guide can be found 

NOTE: This guide assumes you already know how to add ISO's/WBFS's to a USB stick and know how to launch ISO's/WBFS's

1. Download the MKW-specific patcher - HERE
2. Extract/unzip the download
3. There will now be a folder called mkw-wiimmfi-patcher-v6 containing some files/directories.
4a (Window Users): Move clean ISO into mkw-wiimmfi-patcher-v6 folder. Right click on patch-wiimmfi.bat file and run it as Admin.
4b (Linux Users): Move clean ISO into mkw-wiimmfi-patcher-v6 folder. Open a terminal. Within terminal, navigate to that folder. Run this command: sudo chmod a+x Now run this command: sudo ./
5. The patcher will run. Once completed, the new ISO will be in a new folder called wiimmfi-images.
6. If this is your first time ever connecting to Wiimmfi, you will receive error code 23899. This means you must wait 7 days to actually get online, activation is automatic. Wait the 7 days, you should now be able to play online.