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Full Version: [Request] Item Effect Randomizer Code JPN Port
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I dont know why, but multiple porting tools couldnt port the code. Even Melgs version crashes. Can someone else try to port it?
PAL Code:

C257276C 00000024
7D8C42E6 718B00F0
718C000F 3CA0809C
80A5D728 80A50B70
2C050003 4082001C
2C0C000D 38600001
418200F4 2C0C000E
40820008 39800008
2C0C000E 40820010
2C0B0080 40800008
39800008 2C0C000C
38600006 418200C8
2C0C0009 38600007
418200BC 2C0C0005
3860000B 418200B0
2C0C000F 3860000C
418200A4 48000015
00010204 09070803
0B060C0D 0A0F0E00
7CE802A6 7E038378
3D00809C 610836B8
7CE760AE 1CE7001C
7D88382E 2C0C0000
40820028 3D00808B
61085468 1CEC000C
7D874214 3CA08002
60A51450 7CA903A6
4E800421 48000048
80D00004 3C80809C
80843618 80840014
38600000 80A40000
7C053000 41820018
38840248 38630001
2C03000C 41820014
4BFFFFE4 7C832378
7D8903A6 4E800421
3860FFFF 00000000

Code created by TheLordScruffy