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Full Version: Hey all!
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I'm realizing that I never made a proper introduction thread to the site, so I figure I'll do that now.

Hi there! My name is Aiden, and I go online by vabold. I'm a college student aiming to major in CS, and I occasionally create cheat codes. My ultimate goals are to help new people get better at modifying Mario Kart Wii by providing resources and opportunities for them. I initially entered the code-making scene with no knowledge of C/C++ or PowerPC assembly, and stebler was very kind to teach me the basics of cheat code creation.

My first notable project was the now-abandoned character extension code. stebler guided me through the very basics of PowerPC and using Ghidra to understand the game's classes. The code works as intended, but with some caveats (notably, the minimap and reused character sounds). You can find a demonstration video with the last progress I made here:

Nowadays, I have two major focuses: helping implement client/server netcode into MKW-SP, and decompiling the physics engine for machine learning teams. You can find current progress on the former here:

Your best bet to contact me is via Discord, vabold#7613.
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