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Full Version: All Items Can Land V2.0 Lite [MrBean, CLF78]
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This Is a lite version of the original all items can land by Mr Bean but will not freeze when used with future fly or stalking,
With this version dropped items such as megas/shocks/pow/bloopers will not work when dropped.

0479D6B8 60000000
0478DD24 38600000
04787EE4 39800001
04787EE8 39600001
04787EEC 39400001
04787EF0 39200001

047A66C4 60000000
0468000C 38600000
04790EF0 39800001
04790EF4 39600001
04790EF8 39400001
04790EFC 39200001

047A5D30 60000000
04680014 38600000
0479055C 39800001
04790560 39600001
04790564 39400001
04790568 39200001
I noticed that this is simply v2 but with a ton of code stripped out and the 08 serial write was converted to four 32-bit RAM Writes.

Therefore, I've updated the code title and description accordingly. This code is in the incomplete subforum, needs a NTSC-K port