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Full Version: Win VR/BR When Disconnecting [Unnamed]
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Win VR/BR When Disconnecting [Unnamed]

As the name says, this code makes you win VR/BR if a DC occur. It gives you the same amount of VR/BR as if you would finish first.

04529DA4 4BFFEF01

0452E8EC 4BFFE82D

0452E26C 4BFFE82D

0451C944 4BFFE82D

## "bl Lower_Matrix_VrBr_Change_Calculation" changed to "bl Upper_Matrix_VrBr_Change_Calculation". This way, the VR/BR changes for an overall Victory is computed. ##

Code Creator: Unnamed
Great Code! Is there any way to make it force a certain amount for a DC? If so, that would be a great option!
Sorry for late reply, try the following Adresses:

0x80529DDC (NTSC-U)
0x8052E924 (PAL)
0x8052E2A4 (NTSC-J)
0x8051C97C (NTSC-K)

It will load the Amount of the Change into r3, so a simple RAM-Write "li r3, XXXX" should be enough. But you need to try it, I haven't had the time to test it.
NTSC-U address seems to be correct!

04529DDC 3860XXXX
Nice codes.