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Full Version: Upper/Lower VR/BR Change Matrix Modifier [Unnamed]
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Upper/Lower VR/BR Change Matrix Modifier [Unnamed]

This code modifies the positive and/or the negative Values of the VR/BR Change Matrix. An Explanation what that means is found below.

04528D3C 3860XXXX
04528DEC 3860YYYY

0452D1B0 3860XXXX
0452D260 3860YYYY

0452CB30 3860XXXX
0452CBE0 3860YYYY

0451B208 3860XXXX
0451B2B8 3860YYYY

XXXX Values = New positive Values in Hex
YYYY Values = New negative Values in Hex

To understand how this code works I have to explain you briefly how the calculation of the VR/BR change works:

"For the purposes of rating calculation, each player is paired individually with each other player and a change is computed. The winner of those two players gains rating according to the change value and the loser of those two players loses rating according to the change. The total change in rating is simply the sum of the losses and gains of that player." (from

All the changes can be summarized in a Matrix containing the changes of all players. In the upper part of the Matrix, all positive Values are found, in the lower part of the Matrix, all negative Values are found. I have an example for you (this was calculated using Wiimms SZS tools, credits to Wiimm for his Tools):

              9000  8000  7000  5000    Sum
1. 9000     X       +9     +6      +2     +17
2. 8000    -9        X      +9      +4     +4
3. 7000    -6       -9       X       +6      -9
4. 5000    -2       -4      -6        X       -12

The new code now modifies the entries of the matrix. The upper code line changes all Values of the upper part of the Matrix, the blue values. The lower code line changes all Values of the lower part of the Matrix, the red values.
You can use this code for example to modify the lower part to 0, so that you will not be able to lose VR/BR anymore.

Important Note: Only you will see the effects on your screen. Other players will still have normal VR/BR Changes.

Code Creator: Unnamed
So wait, does this code modify the amount of vr a player gains when you win, and then how much you lose when you lose. If so, I actually have a version that is a simple C2 code. I think (if I remember correctly) this code ( ) modifys the matrix all together, making positive or negative values to a set value. What you can actually do is a simple comparison to see if r4 (I think that stores the actual amount of vr that player would recieve) is positive or negative, then just branch down.

This method would actually be useful if you wanted to make the player gain up to a certain amount or lose up to a certain amount. It's actually how I do it in my Ranked Play mod.
No, not quite. Your code changes the total VR/BR change, i.e. the sum of all changes. This code manipulates the entries of the matrix and thus also the sum, but unlike your code it does not change the final change of all players.
In the example I gave above, your code would change all entries of the "Sum" column to the same value. This code here, however, only indirectly changes the sum by changing the upper and lower matrix entries.

So it is not exactly the same code as yours.