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Full Version: EVA Usage List
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EVA Usage List

Some codes use the area adjacent of the Exception Vectors. This area is commonly referred to as simply the 'EVA'. It is segments of unused regions of memory that are universal for every Wii game. Some code creators will utilize these regions of memory to transfer data between multiple codes.

Therefore, care must be taken so two different codes don't end up using the same spot(s) in the EVA. Further below is a list of codes that use the EVA along with their used EVA addresses.

You will notice that there are some instances where multiple codes use the same EVA addresses. Regarding MKWii, there are other unused regions of memory that are used by codes as well (i.e. mem81). If such codes use those space(s), they are also included.

Some codes are listed more than once because they use 2 or more different regions of the EVA/Mem81/etc. There's a good chance I missed some codes that need to be on the list. Please let me know if you find any missing codes, missing EVA usage of code(s), or other mistakes. Thank you.

0x80000298 thru 0x8000029A Auto Attempt to Use Dodge Item When Shocked -Online- [Vega]
0x800002CE thru 0x800002D3 FanCy Speedometer [JoshuaMK]
0x800002CE thru 0x800002D3 FanCy HUD [JoshuaMK]
0x800003B0 thru 0x800003BF Memory Editor [Vega]
0x800003FF XYZ Position Swapper [Vega]
0x800004C0 Random Character but w/ Best Bike For Every Race Online [Vega]
0x800004C0 and 0x800004C1 Random Character+Vehicle Combo For Every Race -Online- [Vega]
0x800005FD Rapid Fire (GCN) [mdmwii]
0x800007B4 thru 0x800007C8 Custom Item Probability Distribution Offline [Sioist]
0x800007C0 thru 0x800007C3 File Encryptor/Decryptor [Vega / 1superchip]
0x800007D0 thru 0x800007FF Change Mii Names In Between Online Races [Vega]
0x80000A20 thru 0x80000A23 Steal-Mii [Vega]
0x80000DC0 thru 0x80000DCF FanCy Speedometer [JoshuaMK]
0x80000DC0 thru 0x80000DCF FanCy HUD [JoshuaMK]
0x80000DD0 thru 0x80000E7A Memory Editor [Vega]
0x80000F98 thru 0x80000FBF Clock [Vega]
0x80000FA0 thru 0x800012FF FanCy Speedometer [JoshuaMK]
0x80000FA0 thru 0x800012FF FanCy HUD [JoshuaMK]
0x80000FC8 thru 0x80000FCF Luck Wheelie Bot [Vega]
0x80000FCC thru 0x80000FCF Rapid Fire/Hop [Vega]
0x80001100 thru 0x80001197 Vehicle Stats Modifier [JoshuaMK]
0x8000149E and 0x8000149F Random Track Selection For Offline [Vega]
0x800014B0 thru 0x80001503 Draw Text To Screen [SwareJonge]
0x800014B0 thru 0x8000152F Graphical Speedometer [SwareJonge]
0x80001500 thru 0x80001518 Graphical In-Game Item Spy Online [Vega]
0x80001500 thru 0x80001518 Graphical In-Game Item Spy Offline [Vega]
0x80001500 thru 0x8000152F USB Gecko Item Spy -Offline- [NoHack2Win]
0x8000152C thru 0x8000152F Mii Cloner [mdmwii]
0x80001534 thru 0x80001537 Future Fly (Wii Chuck) [mdmwii]
0x80001534 thru 0x80001537 Future Fly (GCN) [mdmwii]
0x80001534 thru 0x8000153F Stalking [mdmwii]
0x80001550 thru 0x80001553 AutoPilot [mdmwii]
0x80001550 thru 0x80001553 MarioBOT [mdmwii]
0x80001570 thru 0x8000157B 1st Person Camera View [JoshuaMK, mdmwii]
0x80001570 thru 0x8000157F 1st Person Camera View [mdmwii]
0x80001574 thru 0x80001577 Random Item From Item Box [Star]
0x80001584 thru 0x80001587 Satellite Camera [mdmwii]
0x800015A0 thru 0x800015D3 Dump All Opponents' IP Address & Important USER Record Info to NAND [Vega]
0x80001600 thru 0x8000161B Future Fly (Wii Chuck) [mdmwii]
0x80001600 thru 0x8000161F Future Fly (GCN) [mdmwii]
0x80001620 thru 0x80001627 DWC_Authdata NAND File Modifier [Vega]
0x80001624 thru 0x80001627 Item Wheel Hack [Bully]
0x80001640 thru 0x80001643 Set Wii To Shutdown After Specific Time [Vega]
0x80001648 thru 0x8000164B Ultimate Region ID Cycler In Between Races [Vega]
0x80001660 thru 0x80001663 Speed-O-Meter; TTs Only [mdmwii]
0x80001660 thru 0x80001663 Graphical Speed/MTC/Air/Boost Meter [Vega]
0x80001660 thru 0x80001663 Graphical Speed-O-Meter [Vega]
0x80001660 thru 0x80001689 Graphical SpeedBar [Vega]
0x80001680 thru 0x80001693 Item Stalking [Bully]

Mem80 Non-EVA:
0x80001808 thru 0x8000180B Copy Mii [Anarion]

0x8140179A thru 0x8140179D Custom Laps [JoshuaMK]
0x81430000 thru 0x81430003 Call POW Function Anytime [Vega]
0x81430004 thru 0x81430007 Force Shock Damage [1superchip]
0x81490000 thru 0x81490003 Dump All Opponents' IP Address & Important USER Record Info to NAND [Vega]
0x814D0000 thru 0x814D0003 Race as Ghost on Ghost Replay [Vega]
0x81500000 thru 0x8150002F USB Gecko Item Spy Offline [Bully]
0x81500000 thru 0x8150002F Graphical In-Game Item Spy Offline [Vega]
0x81500000 thru 0x8150002F Graphical Item Warning Offline [Vega]
0x81500000 thru 0x8150003F Universal Meter [SwareJonge]
0x81510000 thru 0x81510003 Graphical In-Game Item Spy Offline [Vega]
0x81510000 thru 0x81510003 Graphical Item Warning Offline [Vega]
0x815F0000 thru 0x815F0003 Graphical SpeedBar [Vega]
0x815F0000 thru 0x815F0003 Graphical Speed/MTC/Air/Boost Meter [Vega]
0x815F0000 thru 0x815F0003 Graphical Speed-O-Meter [Vega]
0x81650000 thru 0x8165000B Stalking -Online- [Bully]
0x81650000 thru 0x8165002F In Game Item Spy -Online- [Bully]
0x81660000 thru 0x8166000B Stalking -Online- [Bully]
0x81660000 thru 0x8166002F Graphical In-Game Item Spy Online [Vega]
0x81660000 thru 0x8166002F Graphical Item Warning Online [Vega]
0x81660088 thru 0x81660097 Stalking -Online- [Bully]
0x81670000 thru 0x81670003 Graphical In-Game Item Spy Online [Vega]
0x81670000 thru 0x81670003 Graphical Item Warning Online [Vega]
0x81680192 thru 0x8168019D USB Gecko Item Spy -Online- [Star]
0x81680193 thru 0x8168019E USB Gecko Item Spy Online [Bully]
0x81700000 thru 0x8170002F USB Gecko Grab Everyone's Location Offline [Bully]
0x81700040 thru 0x8170006F USB Gecko Grab All Item Locations Offline [Bully]
0x81700070 thru 0x8170009F USB Gecko Item Spy Offline [Bully]
0x81700F00 Camera Toggle [JoshuaMK]

0x9370053C and 0x9370053D Luck Wheelie Bot (Wheel/Chuck Only) [Bully]
The wiimmfi patchers that support upnp will also write there (though I don't think any the ones that do unp support gekco codes anyway?). 800002c0-6 (inclusive) are written to by those patchers and then read in game by the payload. As long as 800002c0-3 doesn't equal "UPP1" in ASCII then the payload won't read from it, so it's unlikely this'd break anything