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Full Version: Change Min VR/BR Limit [Unnamed]
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Change Min VR/BR Limit

NTSC-U (untested)
02528E06 0000XXXX
02528E0E 0000XXXX
0261C3DE 0000XXXX
0261C3E6 0000XXXX
02834AAE 0000XXXX
02834AB6 0000XXXX
0283A79E 0000XXXX
0283A7A6 0000XXXX
0261C46E 0000XXXX
0261C476 0000XXXX
02834B1A 0000XXXX
02834B22 0000XXXX
0283A882 0000XXXX
0283A88A 0000XXXX

0252D27A 0000XXXX
0252D282 0000XXXX
0264F6F2 0000XXXX
0264F6FA 0000XXXX
0285653E 0000XXXX
02856546 0000XXXX
0285C22E 0000XXXX
0285C236 0000XXXX
0264F782 0000XXXX
0264F78A 0000XXXX
028565AA 0000XXXX
028565B2 0000XXXX
0285C312 0000XXXX
0285C31A 0000XXXX

NTSC-J (untested)
0252CBFA 0000XXXX
0252CC02 0000XXXX
0264ED5E 0000XXXX
0264ED66 0000XXXX
02855BAA 0000XXXX
02855BB2 0000XXXX
0285B89A 0000XXXX
0285B8A2 0000XXXX
0264EDEE 0000XXXX
0264EDF6 0000XXXX
02855C16 0000XXXX
02855C1E 0000XXXX
0285B97E 0000XXXX
0285B986 0000XXXX

NTSC-K (untested)
0251B2D2 0000XXXX
0251B2DA 0000XXXX
0263DA0A 0000XXXX
0263DA12 0000XXXX
028448FE 0000XXXX
02844906 0000XXXX
0284A5EE 0000XXXX
0284A5F6 0000XXXX
0263DA9A 0000XXXX
0263DAA2 0000XXXX
0284496A 0000XXXX
02844972 0000XXXX
0284A6D2 0000XXXX
0284A6DA 0000XXXX

XXXX = new minimum VR/BR limit in hex, Example: XXXX = 1388 (5000)

Code Creator: Unnamed