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Full Version: Which Computer Operating System do you use?
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Well since I have asked about Browsers, it would make sense to know what Computer OS that you all use. If it's multiple, whats your 'main' OS?

For me, Debian 10. Excellent OS. It just works.
I've used a lot of OS, Ubuntu, Windows Vista - 11. I am possibly thinkin of swapping to Linux again, just gotta find the right distro.
If you like building up your Window Manger or Desktop Environment from 'scratch' per say, then Debian 10/11 is hard to beat.
I run Arch Linux and I firmly believe that my computer is haunted
Epic. The Arch wiki has some of the most detailed documentation out there of any OS.
During my time at uni I used Ubuntu for everything programming related, but nowadays I pretty much only use Windows
(12-06-2021, 02:29 PM)Vega Wrote: [ -> ]The Arch wiki has some of the most detailed documentation out there of any OS.

This is true, plus you get updates earlier than everyone else. But on the flipside, sometimes I get the weirdest side effects. And I want to stress that that's me specifically, I know two other people who use Arch, one of them has done so for several years. None of them have experienced anything similar to what happened to me a couple of weeks ago...

One evening, I finished using my laptop, so I shut it down. It did the usual things it always does, and it appeared to have shut down. The monitor was off and everything. But the LED was still on. Out of nowhere, a good 15-20 seconds later, the fan just started going at maximum speed. So I kept the power button pressed to force a shutdown, and it worked.

After that, I powered it on again, and everything seemed to go fine. It didn't say "recovering journal" or all of the other things it says when something goes wrong. I even checked said journal, it seemed okay to me. So I tried shutting down again. And it happened again. And again.

At this point I was worried that something outside of the OS was broken, because that was just bizarre behavior. I tried what I always try, which is to downgrade all packages as they were when I last updated (which was three days prior), and the problem was magically fixed and I could breath a sigh of relief.

If you want other stories of me having the weirdest troubles with my laptop, comment below!