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Full Version: Disable Item Poof [CLF78]
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This code prevents items from being removed due to being in gameplay for too long.
Unlike RoGamer's version, in this one the game will still poof an item if:
  • The item is thrown into a fall boundary
  • The item is thrown into a cannon
  • The item cannot land
0478D5B4 60000000

047965C0 60000000

04795C2C 60000000

04784980 60000000

Code created by: CLF78
Will an item disappear if its item limit was reached, or will it just crash at that point?
Probably crash
The items will still disappear, what Ninja said is wrong.
Oh, that's great to hear. Thanks for answering!
Ninja is dumb
Is there a link to the old version? Since in this version some objects lose the ability like a mega-mushroom, you can just drive through it without anything happening and this can happen to any item.
[Image: 8o7R6MA]
That's not this code's fault. Usually this happens when you set item limits too high, so items start losing collision.
Oh that's bad. Is there any way for that to not happen? Because the Item Limit isn't even that high and I think Mr Bean somehow fixed this Issue on CTGP.