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Full Version: Boot2 Compatibility
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NOTE: All non-white Wiis are NOT boot2 compatible
All GCN-less Wiis are NOT boot2 compatible
All Korean Wiis are NOT boot2 compatible
All Taiwanese Wiis are NOT boot2 compatible
All Wiis that cannot read burnt discs are NOT boot2 compatible
ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Wii falls into one of the Compatible ranges and does not allow a Boot2 install, that means at some point in that Wii's life, it was repaired by Nintendo. Nintendo repairs any boot1 bugs in any Wii they recieve for repair, which forever disables Boot2 installation.

American Wiis
LU100382XXX thru LU10954XXXX = Compatible
LU1124XXXXX thru LU1511XXXXX = NOT Compatible
LU304XXXXXX thru LU34428XXXX = Compatible
LU35355XXXX thru LU40548XXXX = NOT Compatible
LU50025XXXX thru LU5796XXXXX = Compatible
LU5880XXXXX and up = NOT Compatible

European Wiis
LEH102358XXX thru LEH207842xxx = Compatible
LEH208357XXX and up = NOT Compatible
LEF102757XXX thru LEF103244XXX = Compatible
LEF105467XXX and up = NOT Compatible
LEMXXXXXXXXX (All LEM's) = NOT Compatbile

Australian Wiis
LAH1041XXXXX thru LAH1046XXXXX = Compatible
LAH118615XXX and up = NOT Compatible

Japanese Wiis
LJH1018XXXX thru LJF12913XXXX = Compatible

Why it is great to have boot2: Boot2 allows the user to boot the Wii from a powered off state right to Bootmii as long as there is what is known as a bootmii folder on the root of the SD. While in the Hackmii Installer, if you clicked the  Prepare the SD card option, Bootmii generated a bootmii folder for you to use in the future if needed. For boot2 users, if Priiloader (another form of brick protection) is ever removed, they can still boot their bricked Wii.

'Bootmii as IOS' users can only access Bootmii from HBC or Priiloader, so if you ever get a brick where you can’t access HBC/Priiloader, you can never recover a brick that requires some sort of NAND injection.