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Full Version: Is there any other games you play that are not on the wii?
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Well, this is a very simple question. Is there any non-wii game you play at the same level as MKWii? For Me, its Overwatch. I play that game way too much and play teams and stuff.
I don't really play MKW all that often anymore since I'm really busy, instead I usually play a game or two of League at the end of the day to relax
I've recently got back into 3ds games. Found tons of games that were hidden gems on the eshop. Most played game on my 3ds is probably still pokemon ultra moon tho lol
I mainly play other mario kart games (ds, 7, 8u, 8dx) and sometimes other games with mods and textures
I make cool mods, that people play
I sometimes play some Geometry Dash, Clash royale, clash of clans or paladins. But most of the time MKwii.
I only play switch, GCN, and N64 games atm. I can't even recall the last time I played wii games on a daily basis. Maybe back in like 2014-2015