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Full Version: Don't Display Star Rank [TheNinjaKingOW]
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This code will disable the visuals of the star ranks, you can not see yours or anyone's star rank. Others can see yours still.

0461E080 60000000
046586D8 60000000
046586E4 60000000
0461E088 60000000
045CDF88 60000000

04651394 60000000
0465BCF4 60000000
04660620 60000000
0465139C 60000000
045E3D64 60000000

04650A00 60000000
0465B360 60000000
0465FC8C 60000000
04650A08 60000000
045E3640 60000000

0463F6AC 60000000
0464A00C 60000000
0464E938 60000000
0463F6B4 60000000
045D1F00 60000000
This is my first ever code and I am proud of it. Thanks to Seeky for giving me that RACE github page! I have plans on trying to make this a code where you can display star ranks for other players and also being able to hide your own from others.
Ninja made a code
*Places chair down*
it uses 04
*Picks up chair*
(11-21-2020, 12:46 AM)FancyWheelies Wrote: [ -> ]Ninja made a code
*Places chair down*
it uses 04
*Picks up chair*
On the bright side, I made a code.
Nice job on your first code!
(11-21-2020, 06:56 PM)Vega Wrote: [ -> ]Nice job on your first code!
Thanks, your video series on youtube plus all the threads helped me get a little bit of understanding of this type of stuff!
v2 I have shortened the code's length by 1 line