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Full Version: Don't Hide Position After Race [MrBean]
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Prevents the game from hiding the position tracker after the race ends. Useful to instantly know your actual finishing position (which might differ due to lag).

047EA790 38000001

047F4DB8 38000001

047F4424 38000001

047E3178 38000001

Code created by: MrBean
Is this code just to not hide the position, or does it actually update the positions after a race. I know countdown has that type of code and MKWBR also uses it.
99% sure the tracker is froze with this
Depends on what you mean with "update".

It does *not* update the tracker when the CPU players that take over after the race is finished lose or gain positions.
But it *does* update when your final position changes after you've finished because of lag of another player.