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Full Version: Friend Room Race Count Modifier [MrBean35000vr]
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Friend Room Race Count Modifier [MrBean35000vr]

Modifies the amount of races played in a friend room.

0261C20A 0000XXXX
0264D462 0000XXXX

026460BA 0000XXXX
0264F51E 0000XXXX

02645726 0000XXXX
0264EB8A 0000XXXX

026343D2 0000XXXX
0263D836 0000XXXX

[XXXX Values]
0000 = 1 Race
0001 = 2 Races
0002 = 3 Races
0003 = 4 Races (Default Value)

- All players in the room must be running this code.

Code Creator: MrBean35000vr