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Full Version: Bypass Data Save's CRC32 Checksum [Vega]
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Bypass Data Save's CRC32 Checksum [Vega]

I did some more decompilation of rksys.dat recently and I needed to make a quick code to bypass the checksum verification. Might as well release it just in case anybody else needs it to assist in rksys.dat decompilation.

0453F398 7C601B78

045448D4 7C601B78

04544254 7C601B78

0453292C 7C601B78

'lwz r0, 0x7FFC (r4)' replaced with 'mr r0, r3'. Next instruction in memory is 'cmplw r0, r3'. So this tells the game the checksums (one on file vs one generated) is always a match.

Code creator: Vega
I now realize how useful this code is, especially for license and savegame managing. Thank you for this code.