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Full Version: Hidden Missions in Ultimate Battle; Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
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Hidden Missions in Ultimate Battle (Mission 100) Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Recently I have been making some ASM cheat codes for DBZ BT3 plus doing some de-compilation of the data save. Last night, I stumbled across this...

There's an extra 7 pages of Hidden Missions! That's 35 extra Missions if you count the blank title Mission on the very final page (page 27).

Some of these Missions are playable while others will cause the game to crash if selected. Part of the location within the Data Save where your best records for Survival Mode are kept is also utilized by Missions #101 thru #103. So setting records on those Missions will automatically edit your Survival Mode records and vice versa.

You cannot access these Missions without some sort of cheats/hacks. So here's a small gecko cheat code I wrote up that will unlock these Hidden Missions...

DBZ BT3 Unlock Hidden Missions in Ultimate Battle [Vega]

NTSC-U -temp unlock only-
040FBFE8 3800001B

NTSC-U -perma unlock- (go to options and save your data, you now have the missions unlocked permanently)
C20FBFE8 00000002
3800001B 9004020C
60000000 00000000

li r0, 0x1B #Set Ultimate Battle 100 pages to 27
stw r0, 0x020C (r4) #Write it to where Data Save contents reside in memory

#Default instruction of lwz r0, 0x020C (r4) is not needed

NTSC-U (Non-ASM) perma unlock; go to options and save data
42000000 90000000
00E5196F 0000001B
E0000000 80008000

Set byte value 0x1B at address 0x90E5196F.

Code creator: Vega

Thanks for reading!