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Full Version: 30 Seconds Time Limit Modifier [CLF78]
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This code lets you set a custom amount of time before the race ends due to the leader having finished the race.

02539752 0000XXXX

0253EC8E 0000XXXX

0253E60E 0000XXXX

0252CCE6 0000XXXX

X Value:
  • Take the number of seconds (for example, 3 minutes = 180 seconds)
  • Multiply that by 60 (the game's framerate)
  • Convert to hex
Code creator: CLF78
Code credits: Bully (address founder)
I do not think this code works (at least the NTSC-U port). I've tried setting to 3 seconds, and also 1 frame and yet both do not seem to modify it. I went to see if it was a porting issue however, that doesnt seem to be the case. From PAL to NTSC-U the port looks correct.