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Full Version: How did you find this Site?
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How did you guys find this Site (other than me linking somebody directly on something like Discord lol) ?
Well for me, it was simply that I was trying to learn how to use codes (not even make them lol I've come far haven't I) and I stumbled across these forums. I made my user when I felt I had enough knowledge to create codes Tongue
I found it when I was learning PowerPc and used Vega's ASM reference to assist me, now I'm deep in the warzone of Mario Kart decompilation and am going to be on the front lines soon. Hope to see you soon!

(by the way, is there a Discord server I could join?)
I was bored and I wanted to see if the old mariokartwii forum domain was bought/turned into another forum (it wasn’t and still isn’t) and this site popped up so I joined
IDR, probably was looking for good codes and have joined the Discord server
Me was when I was looking for specific MKWii codes to be exact. Decided to see this site and there I went!
I was around ~removed~ and I saw an ad of that site, I entered and I didn't regret it.
Hello folks, I'm new here. I found this site through Vega's YT channel and found some of things he did to be interesting, so I decided to check this place out.
Welcome Smile
Very interesting question. I was just thinking not long ago about how I found this site. I think I discovered this site through the Region Change Wii tutorial. Then I saw that there are codes and lots of useful tutorials.
Then I was online as guest almost every day.
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