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Full Version: Read/Write SD for Brawl, why not
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Been bored of MKW, so why not put some work in on Brawl...

For anyone who cares, this is a code for Brawl (NTSC-U) that can read/write to/from the SD card. It works for both the Console and Dolphin-Emulator. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure out how to manually mount the SD whenever I want to. So this "code" is hooked right after the SD has been mounted by the game when you enter in Stage Builder.

Maybe someone can figure out how to manually mount/unmount the SD. I used a Symbol Map for this. Star provided me this symbol map when he was working on Read File From SD for MKWii.

Link to Brawl Symbol Map -

Feel free to view the Symbol Map for other operations such as Removing SD files, Seeking SD files, Getting size of SD files, etc.

Link to code -

Notes to consider about the source: There's no need to close the file the 2nd time due to upcoming shutdown, but it's shown for demo purposes. There's no need to backup the fd pointer a 2nd time because it will be the same value since the previous file was closed and the next file was opened before any other files were opened beforehand. Once again, that was done for demo purposes.

Vid demo~

thats pretty neat doe no cap
cool! Do you plan on making more SSBB codes by any chance?
Not really, I only bothered with this code cause the game has access to the SD by default and there's that awesome symbol map.

I'm pretty sure Brawl has been beaten to death already (like MKW) with codes by various devs.