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Full Version: Make it to 10,000
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Alright boys, I'm starting it off with number one, if we can do 1,000, why would we not do 10,000?

Vega I know it looks impossible, but it can happen.  Smile

Rules: Same as the original Make it to 1000 thread, no double posting.
..... why not a million?
oh my, this is a rabbit hole isn't it
there dorian i fixed ur thread
(11-05-2019, 08:46 PM)Vega Wrote: [ -> ]there dorian i fixed ur thread
Here we go again lol
Typing from my new phone Big Grin
alright, i changed name of thread back to 10,000. lol.. good luck on this one guys (i wont be helping this one lol)
Well we are already done with page 1. Only 9,990 more