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Full Version: Which license to choose?
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I have made a program. Regarding the source code (all handwritten by me), which license do you guys prefer/use? Right now my source is private, I will release it once I figure out what license to use.

The only requirement I want is that whoever posts the source code (like on other sites) or posts any modification of the source, has to credit me. Which license would do the best job at that? (BSD, GPL, MIT, Apache, etc)

Wasn't sure which forum to place this thread under, so I threw it in General Discussion.
Is this that homebrew thing you were making?
No it's not. It's still HBC related though.

I pretty much narrowed my list to BSD-3-Clause or Apache2.0, hmmmm
I literally have no clue which is which, but Apache has a better name.

Although maybe BSD-3-Clause will scare people into making sure they credit you