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Full Version: How to rip WBFS file from Disc onto USB stick
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How to rip WBFS file from Disc onto USB stick

- Official disc of whatever game you want to rip
- USB Stick at least 4GB in size

Visit this page -
Click on the large green Download button. You will be navigated to a new web page (still on After a brief moment, the download will begin..

Extract the download. You will see a folder called 'apps'. Move the apps folder to the root of your SD card. The SD card must be in FAT32 format. Place SD into Wii.

Beginner's Guide (Windows & FAT32)

1. Plug USB into your computer. Backup any important files if desired. Format it to FAT32 (quick format will work). Eject USB
2. Plug USB into Wii. It must go into the correct port. That would be the BOTTOM port if your Wii is laying flat.
3. Power on your Wii if you haven't yet. Insert in your official Disc.
4. Launch HBC. Launch USB Loader GX. Click the double-gear icon on the bottom left.
5. Click Hard Drive settings. Scroll down to the very bottom and select - 'Sync FAT32 FS Info'
6. Click Back to exit Hard Drive settings, click Back again to go to Main Menu.
7. Click the Wii Remote Plus Button Icon on the bottom left.
8. A prompt will appear asking if you want to Install a Game, click Yes.
9. USB Loader will mount the Disc Drive and another prompt will appear asking if you want to Continue to install Game? Click Yes.
10. The game will begin to install to the USB drive. This is a lengthy process, can take as long as 20 minutes.
11. Once completed, some music will play for a quick second. USB loader GX will now say 'Successfully Installed'. Click OK.
12. You can now play your Game via USB loader now. However let's backup our ripped file for safekeeping.
13. Power off Wii, plug USB back into computer. You will see a new folder called wbfs. In that folder is another folder with the name and game ID of your game. Within that, is the WBFS file of the game you just ripped. The WBFS file we be named after the Game ID.
14. Move the WBFS file to a safe spot on your computer for backup. Congratz!

Here's a tutorial to add a WBFS file to a USB stick for whenever you decide to wipe the USB stick or you lose the USB stick -

Advanced Guide (Linux & WBFS format)
This advanced guide assumes you already have Wiimm's WIT Tools installed and you are somewhat familiar with it.

1. Plug USB stick into computer.
2. sudo fdisk -l (USB stick listed at bottom, for this guide our USB stick is mounted as /dev/sdb1)
3. sudo umount /dev/sdb1 (umount not needed if USB has no partition table, ex: /dev/sdb appeared in the fdisk command)
4. sudo wwt format /dev/sdb --test (if no errors replace '--test' with '--force'
5. Remove USB from computer
6. Follow steps 2 to 12 from Beginner Guide (However, skip the part where you sync the FAT32 info, since the USB stick is in WBFS format)
7. Power off Wii, USB stick in Computer. Time to backup WBFS file for safekeeping
8. sudo wwt extract --auto XXXXYY --dest /path/to/desiredfolder (XXXXYY = Game ID of game you ripped)
example: sudo wwt extract --auto RMCE01 --dest /home/username/mygames
9. Congratz!
Turns out you need to re-sync FAT32 FS information after every rip