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Full Version: Customizable Remove HUD [JoshuaMK]
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Customizable Remove HUD [JoshuaMK]

X Determines how much HUD gets removed.

Note: The pause menu still functions normally even if "removed".





X Values:
3FB00000 = Remove Map + Icons
3FF15000 = Remove Map + Icons + Box Surrounding Item Display
3FF80000 = Remove Map + Icons + Item Display
3FFF0000 = Remove Map + Icons + Item Display + Timer
41000000 = Remove Map + Icons + Item Display + Timer + Countdown
42000000 = Remove Everything

Code Creator: JoshuaMK
This code (with the value 3FF15000) was something I always wanted (when recording a few TTs before). Nice job!
Check it out Josh. Diamond used your code for Luke's DDR. Those shrooms sure look a lot better without the item box border.
That's awesome. It does look better
I'm trying to use the code with 3FF15000 on dolphin and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is there something I'm missing? I put 0488D090 3FF15000 in my Gecko Config and enabled the code Tongue.
What version of Dolphin are you using? What are your XFB settings?
I'm on Dolphin 5.0 Stable and for my XFB settings I've got it disabled (as is the default I believe)
Using Stable is probably why it's not working. Have you tried a dev version of Dolphin?
No I havent. It doesn't seem to be available for Ubuntu 20.04 at the moment, so I'm assuming I need to compile it myself however while trying to follow the instructions on the github page I get stuck at the "make" part with the error
[thomasvoss@mango-os build $] make
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
I'm pretty new to all things linux so I'll go do some googling tomorrow and see if I can find out how to get it working.
Granted this page doesn't have any info for 20.04 but it may still be useful -
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