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Full Version: Thoughts on the new Switch Lite + Switch 2.0?
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What are your thoughts on the new Switches coming out?
I’m actually excited and I might get one. I was saving up to get a switch but I felt like the price was a bit too high so I waited and now I feel like this one is the perfect price
The Switch has never really got my attention enough to spend money on it. To me that console felt rushed and half-assed for Nitendo to just make a quick profit. Nintendo half-assed MK8 Deluxe (in fact they half assed the original MK8, that the physics engine they use is still based off MK Double Dash... They won't even spend the R&D to come up with an entirely new system), so why bother?

Anyway without going too off topic, I may be interested in any Switch type of device if some sort of Goldeneye game is released (with online multiplayer that includes online leaderboards like the old Wii game).
I didn’t know mk8 used the same engine as DD but that doesn’t surprise me with Nintendo. I feel the switch wasn’t as rushed as the Wii U but that isn’t saying much and while the switch has some solid games i feel like they still lack behind Sony in so many ways. You still have to get a capture card to stream to twitch like seriously? I mean I might still get the lite when it comes out but I do see where you’re coming from