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Full Version: MKWii RAM Code Address Ranges for Hex Editing ISO's
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Usable addresses for codes when hex editing an MKWii ISO

Start: 0x00003f00 End: 0x00384dbf NTSC-U (USA)
Start: 0x00003f00 End: 0x0038913f PAL (EUR)
Start: 0x00003f00 End: 0x00388abf NTSC-J (JAP)
Start: 0x00003f00 End: 0x0037715f NTSC-K (KOR)

Start: 0x0050bf60 End: 0x009b8ef3 NTSC-U (USA)
Start: 0x005102e0 End: 0x009bd6a3 PAL (EUR)
Start: 0x0050fc60 End: 0x009bc71b NTSC-J (JAP)
Start: 0x004fe300 End: 0x009abcfb NTSC-K (KOR)

If a code address falls into the main.dol range, then it can be edited in the main.dol.
If it falls in the staticr.rel range, then it can be edited in the staticr.rel

All other code addresses cannot be hex edited into an ISO.

Example of address offset to code address conversion:
004fe300 = 044FE300 XXXXXXXX

Credits to: Luis